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Seattle’s Children Cancer Hospital; Pepino the little Mouse performs for the kids!

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Join me in supporting Children with Cancer

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Show your support by adopting a chemo duck, donating your time, money even if it’s just a $1.00 or show your solidarity by shaving your head. Once you have done this donate at least $1.00 or a $1,000 to a Children with cancer hospital of your choice. I’ll

HOPE, it's all the want.

HOPE, it's all they want.

challenge you, once I receive photos to this site of 1,000 people who have shaved their head for this cause, donated at least $1.00 and adopted a Chemo Duck. I will then shave my head, donate some money to a Children with cancer hospital AND dress up as a duck passing out fliers regarding our responsibility to help these kids in any way we can. I will do this in a crowded public area for the entire day. Understand this, all these kids want is hope and to know people care. Time to step up to the plate!
For your Chemo Duck please go to;
Please contact if you have a specific child in mind you wish Gabe’s My Heart to send a Chemo Duck to.

If you prefer to mail your donation, please print our DONATION FORM and mail to:

Gabe’s My Heart, Inc.
5016 Spedale Court PMB
129 Spring Hill, TN. 37174

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Employee Retention – Costly, but the employer fired the first shot!

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Back in 1970 the Ford Pinto was introduced to the public. Though it had its problems it still sold relatively well to the younger generation. After a couple of short years the Ford Pinto had its problems and there was a big one. If it had been rear ended, even just at 28 mph, it had a great possibility of blowing up. This obviously meant serious injury or death to the people in the car. Though Ford allegedly was aware of this significant problem the executive team was persuaded not to offer a recall. The madness behind this was that they would pay out LESS in lawsuits than they would pay in recalls. Ford obviously put a piece of crap car before human life. So since that awful and horrific time just 35+ years ago it has only gotten worse. A bean counter will look around every corner, examine every angle, what used to be a standard benefit is now a memory and though inflation with their extortionate pricing is crushing us in the rat race we still get up in the morning, dress up then show up hoping we make it through another day. This is about as good as it gets. There have been massive lay-offs and if you are one of the lucky ones to have dodged that bullet then most likely you have been given short notice that you will be getting a pay-cut until the economy picks back up. Wait a second. Hold on cowboy! I didn’t get us into this mess and chances are no one here did. It’s tough shit times are bad but just because we missed our projected numbers last yr by a fraction is no reason to over-react! This is what we are saying on the inside anyway. What comes out of our mouth is; “Yes Sir and thank you for letting me keep my job. As long as it takes I’m behind you 100%. Thanks again Sir” and this is bull-shit! All employees want from their employer are a few things which most wouldn’t even cost a thin dime. Fair competitive pay. Boy, have companies cut back in that area. I personally once had access to all employee files. I was checking someone’s file b/c they wanted additional information on something. This person was a C-Level Manager, early 30’s and just a plain unassuming guy making $500k annually. I though, well, he negotiated a better deal for himself than I did for me damn-it! There are all kinds top tiered managers making that and double, triple, bonus, perks… just give them a blank check and we’ll fired the staff then outsource to India or China. In fact, we’ll let them know low cost providers get our attention. Go ahead, scoff at this, it has been happening for over ten yrs now and it gets worse every year. So, when the SME comes in with his/her statistics regarding what will keep your best employees happy understand this, it’s utterly audacious bull shit! It’s human diarrhea of the mouth. It’s bold, thoughtless and just plain disrespectful. That is the job that should be eliminated. What employees want is a genuine commitment from the company. They want honesty, management that will not only say what they mean but mean what they say. All too often it’s reading between the lines, judging a mood, calculating, margins, confused “should I stay/should I go” the incongruence far outweigh the truth. “Well, things change and we had to do this” The callous way people are terminated and escorted out the back door as if they had committed a crime. The people at work are together five days a week and you are not allowed to say goodbye. They have become your friends, you have had dinners together, their home, your home, your boss just told you how lucky the company is to have you on board, then your boss tells you they could not have met this deadline without your contributions… then a week later, as chilly as cold water in January, you are told that they need to lay off 20 people and though they’re sorry you are one of them. Pack your stuff and leave immediately. Good luck. It’s like WTF??? That’s it, chapter over though for some it was a 1 – 3 yr chapter while for others it was 10 15 yr chapter. So when you are called in for a mtg to discuss what your thoughts are regarding several plans the company is thinking about for retention of their best employees have some palle and tell Mr. C to F Off! You’ll feel so much better. I promise you will! The next time a co-worker/friend is part of a company lay-off, cutbacks, job elimination or whatever they want to skin it think of the gangsters below;

1. Larry Ellison, Oracle: $192.9 million
2. Nabeeb Gareel, MEMC Electronic Materials: $79.6 million
3. John Chambers, Cisco: $54.8 million
4. Mark Hurd, HP: $27.6 million
5. Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA: $24.6 million
6. Samual Palmisano, IBM: $24.3 million
7. Wendell Weeks, Corning: $22.6 million
8. Joseph Tucci, EMC: $20 million
9. William Sullivan, Agilent: $17.4 million
10. Paul Otellini, Intel: $16.3 million
11. Steve Jobs, Apple: $14.6 million
12. Jonathan Schwartz, Sun: $13.5 million

Forbes compiled the list by calculating the overall compensation for the past year (2007) for executives, factoring in salary, cash bonuses, vested stock grants, stock gains and exercised stock options.” Even though Sun is listed as one of the worst managed companies, Schwartzie was still rewarded in a healthy way. Hey, I’m all for making as much money as the next guy. But certainly not at the expense of someone who was left with only one option; leave the house keys on the counter with a note for the bank that you just couldn’t swing it any longer.

Or think of GM’s Chief, G. Richard Wagoner who was fired by President Obama last March.

Deep, deep pockets is making America poor

Corporate America Deep Pockets; Creating American pill-paupers into shameful levels of poverty

Quit banging your head on a wall. Set your Brain on Fire and Run With It!

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Jimi Hendrix - Man, inovator always on and on fire!

Jimi Hendrix - Man, innovator always on and on fire!


Brains on Fire – The Word of Mouth Revival

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Word of Mouth Marketing has taken it on the chin lately. Social Media has grabbed the spotlight as the tools to use to create Word of Mouth. Last week WOMMA’s WOMM-U launched a comeback with a ferocious people-powered counter punch (in the interest of total transparency, Brains on Fire is a governing member of WOMMA and on the Board of Directors). But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s go back to the beginning.

Last week was a blur, the Brains on Fire Fire Sessions and then right out the door to WOMM-U in Miami. But, after some time to reflect on last week, it was, in my opinion, a great week for Word of Mouth Marketing. WOMMA’s WOMM-U event falls in my top two of all WOMMA events, and I’ve attended them all.

Why? I heard fewer conversations about tactics and pitching of services and more conversations about strategy and what’s working and what’s not working. Both events were powered by dialogue.

I shared a workshop session with Chris Aarons of soon to change their name Buzz Corps. We had a lot of fun sharing the lessons and differences of building a long-term sustainable word of mouth program. This dynamic facilitated great discussions that often lead to folks lingering long after the workshop ended and over drinks.

The first WOMMA event in Chicago four short years ago was an inspiring opening round, urging all of us to be inspired by the customer. Now we have so many powerful tools that we can put into the ring and just manage safely from the corner. Who can blame us? We can now see all of our comments and the faults of what used to be trusted brands.

WOMM-U was the great hope. The battle is still on, and brands and institutions are not giving up in these difficult economic times. Brands from Texas Instruments to Disney want to engage in the ring of conversations. Yes many tools will be applied – but not before engagement happens with the real stakeholders – employees and customers.

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Gary Piano June 2nd, 2009 at 5:11 am Web Wunderkind Wizards

Hi Folks and hopefully unsolicited visitors may speak on this subject though uncalled for advice on the golf course makes me nauseous. In any event, Agnostic; “a person who denies or doubts the possibility of ultimate knowledge in some area of study”, “One who professes ignorance, or denies that we have any knowledge, save of phenomena; one who supports agnosticism, neither affirming nor denying the existence of a personal Deity, a future life, etc.”, disbelieves, questioner, scoffer, leery, in a quandary and you get the picture. Now take the contrary side for just a moment; trusting, certain, believe, non-doubting, confident, convinced and so on and so on. There are literally 1000’s of Social Networks out there today. The fact is coming that only a few will survive. This means when we get through these difficult times the consumer will relax and think rationally. Personally, I have no idea what a twitter does that is so exciting that companies are chasing down the Alpha User. What I do understand though is the brand MEK JEANS became immediately popular in Japan when Keanu Reeves was seen leaving a restaurant wearing a pair. I won’t even go see his movies! LinkedIn doesn’t really fall into that Soc Cat because it’s business and considered the most credible. Bill Gates has his profile on there, perhaps this is why, there’s only something like 60 million users and people are signing up to LinkedIn in record numbers. This economy has treated LinkedIn well because of the lack of good jobs/any jobs. is a good one for reaching people. Blast something of yours out, it reaches millions of people in seconds and wow, who knows what that can lead to. I agree with Spike that it’s still about strategy, strategy and more of it. NOW it’s strategic planning incorporating these Social Networks. If Belkin wanted you to come up with a campaign for their laptop stand where would you begin? I would listen to the client, obviously cover the demo which I can intuitively estimate to be 12 – 24 and would be insistent and perhaps unrelenting that MySpace be a big part of our strategic planning. It’s not the only way to skin a cat but it does have proven merit. Think about it this way as well, you’re invited to a party that your colleague is going to. It’s at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles. All the CEO’S are going to be there from every major company up and down the west coast. The economy is the best we have ever seen it, sales is told, mandated to spend a lot every quarter, everyone is advertising, you can’t get a no from anyone… and the odd thing is, you will be the only one from an ad agency at this party. Do you NOT go?

And remember this now so you’re not in a corner later, wireless technology, telecommunications and hand held devices are really going to make Social Media Agnostic (Nice sounding acronym anyway – SMA) take off to heights we are not currently thinking about. Pod cast, video, Interactive games… this is changing the entire way we do business, and how we live, and even how we prepare for the day. If you’re old enough what would you have said to your Dad when you were about 10 if he told you we would get to talk and see one another on a computer monitor in his/her lifetime… you might smell his breath before you laughed out loud. I’ll wrap below;

Web Intelligence is the study and Research of the application of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology on the Web in order to create the next generation of products, services and frameworks based on the Internet.

Although individual Web based information systems are constantly being deployed, advanced issues and techniques for developing and for benefiting from Web Intelligence still remain to be systematically studied. Broadly speaking, Web Intelligence exploits Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Information Technology on the Web and Internet.

It is the key and the most urgent research field of IT for business intelligence that is happening today.

It would be great if you who read this related to it entirely. If you read it and thought what a bunch of horse manure then this is cool. And, if you didn’t read it but are walking around saying you heard it sucked then you have just made me smile. Maybe Spike has it nailed, Our Culture, stupid. There have never been 3 simple words that have ever been stated more truthfully!

gary piano – Web Wunderkind Wizards

jimi hendrix, always on fire!

jimi hendrix, always on fire!

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The history of Web 1.0 – 3.0

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novawizards Technology Research by, gary piano Jimmy.p.does.what.he.does.



Advanced Web Technology, AI and IT


Social Influence Marketing for small businesses

Superior Technology Research & Social Influence Marketing

novawizards Web Wunderkind Wizards

“A Champion, like a Tiger, is Superior for one reason, he knows he is”

New York Los Angeles Miami

IPv6 Host Configuration

On The Web

Supporting in LINUX Web 3.0 is defined as the creation

Configure IPv6 Proxy of high-quality content and services

Supporting in WINDOWS produced by gifted individuals

using Web 2.0 technology as an

enabling platform.

Web 3.0 – Wikipedia technical and social possibilities identified in this latter term are yet to be fully realized the nature of defining Web 3.0 is highly speculative. In general it refers to aspects of the Internet which, though potentially possible, are not technically or practically feasible at this time.

Social Influence Marketing Alfalfa User – Technology Research

Web 3.0!

IPv6 Host Configuration


WEB 3.0WEB 3.0WEB 3.0 –  WEB 3.0WEB 3.0

W … o

An Exploration of Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 Technology

Your Web Evolution: High Power Web Presence to Online Business Productivity

High Power Web Presence – 1.0

  • Represents your core business – Corporate home page.
  • One High quality Website
  • High contrast graphics
  • Solid information with solid appeal
  • Converts visitors to leads or assists in sales process
  • Comments Form
  • Contact Form
  • Some organic web presence
  • Your clients can find you
  • Occasionally new prospects find you

High Power Web Presence based on Web 2.0 Technology

As you can see, a Web 2.0 Presence requires engineering.  The details in outline form follow:

  • · Guided approach, more specific information
  • · Multiple types of contact forms
  • · Interactive and targeted email marketing
  • · Multiple websites dedicated to individual target markets, products and prospects.
  • · Targeted traffic marketing
  • · Paid Google Advertising generating leads and/or web sales
  • · Landing pages or Landing Websites for specific search terms
  • · Sub-websites dedicated to individual products within your lineup
  • · Potentially optimized to gather targeted web traffic

Web 3.0 – Online Business Streamlining

Web 3.0 is taking web engineering to the final level.  It involves finding and creating opportunities to streamline and enhance your business through online integration.

  • Client database-driven website login
  • Allow your customers to start, monitor and manage projects online
  • Accessible account information
  • Accessible support information
  • eCommerce – sell products and services online – take payments 24 hours per day

Advanced WEB 3.0! Advanced WEB 3.0!Advanced WEB 3.0!

Advanced WEB 3.0! Advanced WEB 3.0!Advanced WEB 3.0!

Current State of IPv6 Readiness for e-Government – Join the go6 community!


Join go6 to get free IPv6 access, receive the IPv6 news bulletin and to post in the forum and IPv6 wiki – I knew this was going to get better. Go IPv6!!!

go6 in Japan!

IPv6style is a Japanese

information web-site for people

to learn, build and use IPv6

For all inquiries about and on how to contribute to its success, you may send an mail to:

To report web site problems or to suggest improvements, contact:

Defining what Web 3.0 is and what it does still very much an ambiguous matter.

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The master can teach the student, but only if the student is teachable.

The master can teach the student, but only if the student is teachable.

“A Champion, like a Tiger, is Superior for one reason, he knows he is

Have we yet to agree on a Web 3.0 definition? The answer is still no.

Just in case you missed it, the web now has version numbers. Nearly three years ago, amid continued hand-wringing over the dot-com crash, a man named Dale Dougherty dreamed up something called Web 2.0, and the idea soon took on a life of its own. In the beginning, it was little more than a rallying cry, a belief that the Internet would rise again. But as Dougherty’s Silicon Valley start-ups—and blogs are already abuzz with talk of the Web’s next generation.

To many, Web 3.0 is something called the Semantic Web, a term coined by Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the (first) World Wide Web. (this is debatable unless Tim was on the team that pioneered the Web of the Department of Defense in the 60’s) In essence, the Semantic Web is a place where machines can read Web pages much as we humans read them, a place where search engines and software agents can better troll the Net and find what we’re looking for. “It’s a set of standards that turns the Web into one big database,” says Nova Spivack, CEO of Radar Networks, one of the leading voices of this new-age Internet.

But some are skeptical about whether the Semantic Web—or at least, Berners-Lee’s view of it—will actually take hold. They point to other technologies capable of reinventing the online world as we know it, from 3D virtual worlds to Web-connected bathroom mirrors. Web 3.0 could mean many things, and for Net-heads, every single one is a breathtaking proposition.

Tim Berners-Lee has described the semantic web as a component of ‘Web 3.0’ “People keep asking what Web 3.0 is. I think maybe when you’ve got an overlay of scalable vector graphics – everything rippling and folding and looking misty – on Web 2.0 and access to a semantic Web integrated across a huge space of data, you’ll have access to an unbelievable data resource.” 2006

Web 3.0 Debates over Definition
Since the origins of the concept of Web 3.0, the debate continues goes on about exactly what the term Web 3.0 means, and what a suitable definition might be. As emerging the new technology, a new definition emerged:

Transforming the Web into a database
Transforming the Web into a database is the beginning step towards transforming definition of Web 3.0 when the technology of ‘Data Web’ emerged as structured data records that can be published to the Web in reusable and remotely query able formats, such as XML, RDF and micro-formats. The Data Web is the initial step in the way of full Semantic web that enables a new level of data integration and application interoperability, which makes the data openly accessible and linkable as Web pages. To make available structured data using RDF is primarily focused in Data Web phase. The full Semantic Web stage will expand the scope that both structured and semi-structured or unstructured content will be widely available in RDF and OWL semantic formats.

An evolutionary path to artificial intelligence
Web 3.0 has also been used to describe the trend of artificial intelligence, which is being popular in the web like a quasi-human fashion. Some cynic believes that it is an unobtainable vision. However, this is being used new technologies on mass level that yields amazing information like making predictions of hit songs from mining information on college music Web sites. There is also debate on the driving force behind Web 3.0.  Will it be the intelligent systems, or whether intelligence will emerge in a more organic fashion and how people interact with it?

The realization of the Semantic Web and Service Oriented Architecture
Another debate originates over the artificial intelligence direction in which Web 3.0 can be extent to Semantic web concept. Academic research is going on to develop such reasoning software that must be based on description logic and intelligent agents. These sorts of applications can perform logical reasoning operations through using sets of rules expressing logical relationships between concepts and data on the Web.

But some critics disagree on the viewpoint, which describes that Semantic Web would be the core of the 3rd generation of the Internet and suggests a formula to summarize Web 3.0. Web 3.0 has also been associated to a possible hub of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Semantic web.

Evolution towards 3D

The evolution of 3D technology is also being connected to Web 3.0 as Web 3.0 may be used on massive scale due to its characteristics. In this process Web 3.0 would transform into a series of 3D spaces, taking the concept realized by Second Life expansion. This could open up new ways to connect and collaborate using 3D shared spaces.

Proposed Expanded Definitions of Web 3.0

Nova Spivack has proposed the expanded definition of Web 3.0 that indulge in itself the collection of various foremost harmonizing technology developments that are growing to a new level of maturity simultaneously includes:

Ubiquitous Connectivity, broadband adoption, mobile Internet access and mobile devices

Network computing, software-as-a-service business models, Web services interoperability, distributed computing, grid computing and cloud computing.

Open technologies, Open APIs and protocols, open data formats, open-source software platforms and open data (e.g. Creative Commons, Open Data License)

Open identity, Open-ID, open reputation, roaming portable identity and personal data

The intelligent web, Semantic web technologies such as RDF, OWL, SWRL, SPARQL, Semantic application platforms, and statement-based data-stores

Distributed databases, the “World Wide Database” (enabled by Semantic Web technologies)

Intelligent applications, natural language processing, machine learning, machine reasoning, and autonomous agents

Research by; gp

Eat all the apples you want and walk through any web…

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“A Champion, like a Tiger, is Superior for one reason, he knows he is”Tiger Woods snarling swing does his talking
“A Champion, like a Tiger and Tiger, is Superior for one reason, he knows he is”